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“I use academic sources to analyze macro historical events, characters, trends, and timelines regarding human religious beliefs of all kinds in order to piece together a rough timeline for human spiritual evolution/degradation. No group goes unanalyzed, however that is purely for holistic reasons, and I am in no way seeking someone or something to blame for the degradation. Unlike conspiracy theorists, I understand my limitations as a scholar, and that my studies, even if bordering on accurate, will not change the dangerous system and current popular opinions that are in play. This problem is far bigger than we understand, and blaming each other is not a viable solution. Every culture and belief system plays a significant role in tracking down and pinpointing the source of the obviously present spiritual dissonance. I try to keep polarizing perspectives such as politics and economics far from my research. Lastly, I conduct this research for myself, to find the truth about religion, and to provide public sources and hypotheses for anyone else looking to achieve something similar.” -from my “Correction, Apology, and Rebranding” post ( ).Further, I want to openly admit to the social privilege I have as a white person to be able to conduct research of this manner. I am attempting to use my platform to disprove hateful theories and to spread a more holistic reiteration of historical truth.

I do not condone discrimination or racism of any kind. These kinds of behaviors are archaic, not defensible, unacceptable and have no place in any academic inquiry. I am NOT a conspiracy theorist. This is NOT a conspiracy blog. Hate speech of any kind and accusatory racism or antisemitism will NOT be tolerated. 

United We Stand

Divided We Become Victims


To confirm: 

  1. Don’t use the term “cabal”, it’s essentially a racial slur. 

  2. The Holocaust definitely happened, and the Jewish people are victims, not perpetrators,  of spiritual oppression. 

  3. The line between holistic research and conspiracy theory must constantly remain crystal clear in order to achieve academic legitimacy of any kind. Holism and sources must be consistent and beyond reproach. 

  4. I apologize for my social ignorance. Please do not hesitate to call me out if I unwittingly cross a social boundary. The last thing I want to do is ruffle feathers where none need to be ruffled, or to further spread offensive vernacular. I truly want to use my platform for good.