Certain Observational Phenomena i

Certain Observational Phenomena i 

Entity X and The Limits of Empirical Observation

A Thought Exercise For Your Consideration 

fig. 1fig. 2


          As we begin this series, it’s important to keep this in mind: It’s all about energy, specifically light and the electromagnetic spectrum. Light powers the universe, light allows for life, and most importantly, light allows for life to observe itself and the universe. Light is the main thing- remember that- it is imperative to holism that the entire electromagnetic spectrum be consistently considered in relation to visible and audible frequencies. The distinction between all of light energy and just what is visible will be important to retain.


          Light has allowed an intelligent, apex predator species called “Entity X” to take form over many years on one of the planets orbiting the habitable zone of a star not unlike our sun. A number of environmental variables lined up perfectly to allow “Entity X” to evolve over long eons into such a resourceful and unique creature; the most powerful living being on its planet. Here’s the thing about evolution, as many of us are aware: it is environmental. Species change over time to more effectively interact with their environment. 

( If, for some reason, this is news to you or you’re having trouble grasping the concept, here: https://kids.britannica.com/kids/article/Charles-Darwin/353038 ). 


              Now that we’ve settled on that, there’s something important that needs to be understood about the evolution of “Entity X”, mainly their eyesight and ears.  Because of the precise distance between their planet and their host star which has allowed them to exist at all, their eyes and ears have developed accordingly, and they are only able to interpret light and energy in the forms it generally appears to them– visible light and sound. They can only properly register a certain, small amount of all light and energy, as pictured at the top of the page (figures 1 and 2). While “Entity X” can boast the title of most powerful life form on their planet, they are only empirically able to experience a limited amount of data, that being longitudinal audio waves of a small range of lower frequencies and transverse light waves that fall on the visible light section of the larger spectrum. In the earlier years of their existence, when “Entity X” lived comfortably within these empirical constraints, there was a balance; a symbiotic relationship between the intelligent “Entity X” and the various elements and environments of their home planet. However, “Entity X” has an innate curiosity, and no matter how peaceful the relationship between them and the planet, they could not help themselves from deconstructing it for the sake of understanding. However, despite this drive, “Entity X” had not physically evolved to naturally sustain this curiosity;  the evolution was self invoked. In other words, their stomachs were bigger than their eyes, so to speak. They lack the biological ability to properly assess the subject of their curiosity. This makes their empirical experience incomplete and their intellectual pursuits highly fallible; how can one boast accuracy without fully experiencing the data being interpreted? How can data be accurately interpreted if it is supposedly done correctly through empirical means, but the inquirer lacks the empirical facilities to interpret it?  In spite of these concerns, incredible strides were made over the history of “Entity X”’s existence as they endeavored to understand the world around them. Through the use of mental tools like mathematics, science, technology, and logic, “Entity X” gained the ability to approximately and  theoretically interpret otherwise invisible data. Does this make up for the lack of biological resources, or does it remove them further from understanding because their incomplete conclusions are treated as absolute? At any rate, “Entity X” began beating evolution at its own game, changing exponentially compared to the natural pace, and that of their environment. Seems like a sweet deal, gunning it and out running nature like that, but it’s something else entirely, and besides, I’m getting ahead of myself. 


The takeaway here is this: Light is complex; the word is widely applicable. Light and energy are one in the same; different locations on one spectrum. Light is both the lower frequencies that can be observed and interpreted by the limited biological infrastructure of “Entity X” and the various other waves of energy present on the entire electromagnetic spectrum. “Entity X” has established intellectual and total dominion over their home planet, despite possessing incomplete empirical facilities in relation to the vast amount of energy forms they endeavor or have claimed to understand, but are physically unable to interpret. 


Keep these things in mind as we continue following the story of “Entity X”.

I will be doing a “deconstructed”, source filled, ancillary post to this one similar to the one on Hellenistic Age philosophy. I will definitely be taking some liberties in the “Entity X’ thought experiment series, but for each entry, I’ll be providing tandem academic essays. I am not a physicist, but I’ll do my best to provide some decent background and sources.