Esoteric Feminism and The Phallic Fallacy, or The Problem With Ego Observation: Part 2 Venusian Bodies

In pursuit of my Trojan War analysis, I thought it would be helpful to continue the trend of analyzing occult imagery through Tarot cards to explore the energetic frequencies and patterns regarding certain planets and their corresponding zodiac signs. These themes play a huge role in the cosmological breakdown of the Trojan War, especially for conceptually linking world mythology and in a broader context, world religion, to any actual cosmological events or patterns. Today we are starting with an old favorite and personal bias: Venus. There are several cards in the Major Arcana that are energetically linked to Venus, and coincidentally, they also all line up, energetically, with the zodiac signs of Libra and Taurus. On a personal level, I also find these to be energetically linked inherently to two words in the English language: hierophant and sycophant. Though I truly couldn’t tell you which is which, and I’m sure it switches based on which Libra and Taurus you’re involved with and at what time and place, however I will be using the terms to widen the scope of the energetic meaning of each card. Hierophantic and sycophantic, in my opinion, are more accurate to describe the inherently more elegant sides to Venusian polarity, though these terms echo or are otherwise parallel to the “male” and “female” energetic assignments applied to earth signs and dwellers. Venusian energies are highly adaptive to their environment(s), rather than strictly imposing, so that even when an imposition is occurring (as these types of things are simply unavoidable), the argument is often and easily made that the imposition, regardless of its reach, inconvenience, (or worse), is for the good of all, or for a religious task; achieving a sort of piety or unification with a higher power. Regardless of any potential negative consequences that you may be subject to, you can rest easy knowing that, overall,  the world around you is being benefited. People of all kinds like to hear they are doing something for the good of their collective, or that their sacrifices contribute to spiritual growth and transcendence, even if the effects are abstract. This means that despite the indirect and empathetic tactics, all Venusian bodies have tremendous potential to achieve significant control, personal dominion, and remain relatively revered or well liked because of the “larger purpose” that their actions encompass. Of course we’d all like to assume that these individuals would not abuse these abilities, and some don’t and would faster offer their services to well intentioned endeavors. However, others would just as quickly manipulate others or lie about their intentions for an upper hand. This is a grand generalization of Venusians, but given their overall pliable nature in the practice of hypothetical exercise, I’m sure they’d agree with my assessment, at the very least to indulge the humble author. Other signs… well… not so much, but I’ve no desire to get ahead of myself. 


The Hierophant



Self explanatory, I know. The Hierophant is the male mystic, priest king, or the (pen)ultimate culmination of phallic occultism. His purpose is to guard those in his charge from spiritual evils and explain to worthy individuals the sacred secrets and mysteries surrounding arcane esoterica; this esoteric knowledge is the only authority the Hierophant is subject to, save potential pedagogical structures. His throne is surrounded by individuals who appear to have changed their appearance (they sport the strange traditional haircuts of monks), and have dressed in the symbols of abundant dominion preservation, all because they are eager to learn. The Hierophant’s ornate crown and robes suggest that he is well rewarded and esteemed for his insight, and the keys lying at his feet represent the unseen connections between man and the divine. The imagery here echoes that of the High Priestess, as she too sits between two imposing pillars, wears an ornate headdress representing her connection to the divinity of the age, as well as the partial source of hidden knowledge (the crescent moon) at her feet. Notice how he is wearing a blue robe underneath his red and cross adorned one… almost as if he is attempting to hide the source of his inspiration. However, in the case of the Hierophant, the imagery is inextricably linked to dominion preservation within the theocratic empires of the ages of  Aries and Pisces, as well as the presence of sycophants at his feet. Hmm… based on my last analysis, I do not believe there is any coincidence surrounding this shift: at some point in our history, males, ostensibly and socially, became the superior spiritual beings, while women were phased out until fully relegated to domestic and social designations, as well as subject to indirect intuitive sublimation as the only means of recourse. It is not my place to explain why this shift took place, however I think we can all agree that it definitely has, generally speaking. The Hierophant fairly obviously depicts this shift, also very nicely ties in the distinctly Venusian and Taurean energies this card encompasses. The Hierophant has significant control and power; he is the keeper of important and life changing secrets, and quite literally they keys as well! Because of this, he is almost always guaranteed great strategic skill and a consistent audience. While this audience is made up mostly of sycophantic clients, dependents, followers, or students, he often also has the ears of other and possibly even more powerful forces or individuals, such as royals or other Hierophants higher up in the pedagogy. Although the Hierophant archetype most likely rose up out of necessity, to solve some problem in a then innovative fashion, it retrospectively creates an egregious power imbalance between men and other men, not to mention furthering the imbalance of power and empathy between men and women, as well as women and god, so to speak. I believe Hierophant has persisted over the centuries simply due to the Venusian nature of the archetype. His work is unquestionably good… isn’t it? He wishes to control the flow of information for a number of disclosed or undisclosed reasons… perhaps to gain influence, for the power granted by the position, or to gain an audience of sycophants who will rely on him in all matters for some devilish means or devious purpose. Perhaps he’s building suspense for a shock to come, or maybe he truly is called to perform this work for the joy of it or for a truly higher power. I’d imagine the motivations behind each individual Hierophant vary widely based on countless factors. To tie it up nicely with Venusian themes, I maintain that the Hierophant generally represents the more dominant or controlling side of Venusian polarity. Like our male/sun archetypes on earth, Venusian Hierophant/sun archetypes serve a similar purpose. They keep the keys to secrets regarding the success or failure of dominion preservation on all levels necessary to continuously achieve the goal. Male/solar dominion focuses on controlling the secrets necessary to bend nature to the whims of earth dwellers, while Hierophantic/solar dominion focuses on appealing to the spiritual nature of a body to sustain dominion. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this, and it could truly be to the benefit of some if not many individuals and groups, it has historically been the job of Mercurial, Venusian, and lunar energies to maintain the reflected knowledge of the sun from their respective vantage points. Now here comes the movement of human beings with incredible displays of dominion preservation, utilizing the sacred secrets of the universe with relative ease and abandon, simply to increase planetary reliance and deep acceptance of phallic symbolism because… um I guess it’s kind of funny or something. It’s easy and simple to just say the “patriarchy” did this to suppress the overall intuitive abilities of women… I get that argument, and I get why people are attracted to it…but let’s be real for a sec my guys. In my opinion, this is a defeatist view… I believe female/lunar energies, astrological and otherwise, first created and continue to maintain the “patriarchy”, indirectly and over centuries, with the goal being to channel the brunt of male/solar dominion preservation instincts away from the more violent, strictly phallic and experimental models of maintaining large civilizations, empires, and later kingdoms and countries. It’s a bold claim, but I’m standing by it. 




The imagery of this card is incredibly poignant to me as a Libra… the imagery of the High Priestess, The Hierophant, and the Magician culminate to depict familiar self regulatory structures and symbols that have manifested as a consequence of male/solar energetic dominion and resulting female intuitive sublimation, all leaning to convey justice. Despite the powerful symbols of this card pointing to themes of grand, blind justice, the yellow background is once again an obvious reminder of the sheer influence and power that behind the scenes, dominion preserving male/solar forces have over any proceedings that take place. However, personally, I see the red facade of the robes and tapestry echoing the throne of The Empress, only more prominent, signifying a full embrace of female power through sublimation. Despite this, his heavy crown and the forged sword and scale in his hands also demonstrate the overall reliance justice has on Hierophantic and phallic institutions that are what have allowed him to occupy this position of relative influence and power in the first place… or is it honestly checks and balances? Recall what I said about the necessary existence of sycophants, and the sublimation of female energies? Of course you do. The rise of the Hierophant in place of a general female spiritual authority kicked off a very important chain of events in human history: the meticulous and indirect development of fair judgment practices. While the story of Democracy development, proper, is not dated until after the Trojan War (that is with the Athenian matricide trial of Orestes in Aeschylus’ Eumenides, or fairly late in the age of Aries), justice as a concept has existed in various forms and levels of bias since the beginning of human history. Most people are familiar with “Hammurabi’s Law Code”, a series of stone edicts erected around Babylon depicting instances of “lex talionis” (or eye for an eye justice), historically being used in Babylonian courts, essentially establishing that as a precedent for courts all around Sumeria. Before this, justice took a more natural state, manifesting either as natural “karmic” consequences (drought, crop failure, disease, etc), or in the form of energetic beasts or primordial beings of vengeance. In the case of Asia Minor and Greece, these are the “furies”, who alway unquestionably punish individuals for “crimes against nature”, mostly including murders within families or familial cannibalism. However, these are earlier instances of justice which spring from and are controlled by the mother goddess or earth mother, and they are free from the bulk of influence surrounding civilization or male/solar ego injection. When the trend of theocratic monarchies and empires hit its strange first apex through the ages of Aries and Pisces, and the Hierophants and Priest Kings became absolute authorities on all matters, it stood the public needed an outlet for appeals. Justice was this outlet; networks of courts and appointed judges who are loyal to the powers that be… whatever those are. Seeking justice in this highly formal way, even if questionably regulated and still subject to the absolute authority of the Hierophants, was a way for powerless members of the general public to feel like they had some kind of control. If they were wronged deeply enough, there was an apparent path to appeals and possible reconciliation. However, the all judges and court officials (aside from “magick”,  primordial, and karmic forces), were almost always sycophantic and under the direct influence of Hierophants. If you had a direct audience with an emperor or hierophant who acted as your judge, then you were subject to their will and ruling, and if not, you could easily expect appointed career judges to side with the monarchs and Hierophants, and hand you a similar if not identical ruling to what you would received had your audience been direct. Either way, despite any complex judicial structures that may be in place, deciding influence always flows up to those males with wealth and spiritual station… monarchs and Hierophants; this naturally creates an imbalance, and imbalances generally cause upsetment over time. At least one class of people, the judges, could utilize their abilities as sycophants to appeal to as many parties as possible on multiple levels in hopes of the maximum possible benefit or return, both for themselves and anyone else who may feel powerless or has something otherwise appealing to offer. Sometimes these are altruistic doings with a real focus on collective good at their core, but other times they are selfish and manipulative abuses of ability and power. This is what is depicted in the Justice card, and also why it is linked with the sign of Libra… arguably the most talented sycophants of the zodiac (aside from Virgo). From the very first courts, to the well organized (if still highly flawed) contemporary western justice system, we see the trend of Hierophants reaching for greater dominion and talented sycophants (and other times less talented… I’m looking at you Machiavelli…), indirectly trying to subvert those attempts. I maintain that the development of extreme bureaucracy within political systems (in any time and on any level), exists/existed as a form of female spiritual sublimation, in that it indirectly keeps trigger happy monarchs from making rash choices without having time to reconsider or be otherwise influenced. Blind justice and assurance of personal liberties, as obvious concepts, are relatively new on the scene, resulting from centuries of cyclical, large scale power imbalance and upsetment. The overall rigidity and female spiritual suppression tactics of the older Hierophantic institutions instigated the sublimation of female energies into the establishment of future systems. To be clear: This is my theory regarding the correlations between occult imagery and macro-historical events. I am not saying that any of this is historically or academically proven. I want to make it as clear as possible that these claims are nothing more than my educated guesses. Once again to tie into the main theme: I maintain that justice, and a collective expectation for just outcomes, resulted over time from sublimated frustrations regarding the collective female energies, or the energies present in the Empress. The formal, ongoing establishment of justice or judiciary systems is a slow, sycophantic, and indirect process, rather than an immediate shift. This is by design, and is essentially the oldest and longest lasting form of feminism in an anti-patriarchal respect. I also believe the advent of monotheism, mostly Piscean Christianity, as seen in the High Priestess, is historically and heavily tied into the themes of collective justice and sycophantic subversion, as there is no greater model for Hierophantic pedagogy and bureaucracy than the adolescent Catholic church exercising in Europe the early- middle stages of the age of Pisces. However, I admit I may be reaching a bit with that last statement… it’s a hunch, and hunches can be proven wrong. Just as a quick recap, the energetic/astrological considerations to remember going forward: Venus/Hierophant/Solar=Earth/Male/Solar and Venus/Sycophant/Lunar=Earth/Female/Lunar. By this measure, the fading away of symbols depicting the moon toward more dominion centric imagery within tarot is almost certainly by design to reflect the astrological implications of the imagery in relation to human historical trends, especially those regarding lunar sublimation. My opinion is that this is because this is the Hierophant, Justice, and the Empress are the tarot or otherwise occult iterations of Venusian polarity in terms of either our collective astrology or something larger. This means that just as we earth dwellers see the moon reflect the light of the sun night after night, both Venusian energies and Venus itself also have a unique way of observing and interacting with the sky and ultimate source of power, a.k.a. the sun, and this placement and vantage point was suitable for the development of a race of Hierophants and sycophants, so to speak. Hierophants once again, being the keepers of the “keys” for a number of reasons, and sycophants being the ones who appeal to them in the hope of accessing new knowledge and opportunities for a number of purposes. It is my personal understanding that it is this sort of third party planetary influence that is respect for the effects of both individual and macro astrology, and to an extent, mythology. The success of widely enforced and accepted moral principles provided via Christian dogma, to me at least, represents continual success of the empathetic Venusian influence and the Empress centric female/lunar sublimation strategy depicted throughout occult imagery, and historically. Additionally, the monotheistic God of Christianity, in a way, represents the ultimate judge, and popularizing widespread fear of such an awesomely powerful judge is highly effective in both subversion of rash monarchs and Hierophants, but also in soliciting relative obedience from most if not all other subjects.  

The Empress

(Sycophantic)/ Venusian Polarity

The Empress is, simply speaking, the ultimate culmination of both Venusian energies and female energies. The symbol below her throne is indicative of this card’s connection to female and Venusian energy.  In the scope of Taurus age political and religious structure, the Empress character is represented by a woman who is more of a pawn than a person, and her existence is a reflection of this. Almost every aspect of her life is directly controlled by the Hierophantic pedagogy that makes up her world. She lounges on her throne, and is adorned with the symbols and luxuries befitting her station, but her power and religious significance have been taken away from her, except for symbolic elements. This card represents the successful dominion preservation tactics of Venusian Hierophants in controlling both women and the world around them. However, this card is not all invisible bondage, as the imagery reflects incredible material and domestic abundance. The imagery suggests at what could be possible in the event careful balance of the Venusian poles is maintained. Though the color yellow is once again an imposing presence in the image, representing the Empress’ overall reliance on dominion preservationists for her existence and ostensible influence, the land is flush with grain and timber, and the water flows freely. This is, ultimately, due to the Empress. The forces of dominion preservation are obsessed with that mission only. The victims and trials of a single individual or of peasants are not important in comparison to this goal. However, despite the suppression of the Empress, she is still an earth dwelling female and well versed, whether consciously or not, in the art of intuitive sublimation. By utilizing and appealing to the energies of the moon for sycophantic ability, the Earth mother for superior intuitive and sublimative ability, and Venus for seductive ability, (also, occasionally, Mercury for social ability), the Empress is able to appeal appropriately in order to subvert many of the Hierophants or Emperors rash impulses long enough to negotiate and get him to consider other perspectives and variables. This is why the Empress’ gown is covered in the symbols of abundance. Even if she may not be able to deliver peace and safety to her people, she can use her abilities to make sure the realm remains well fed and materially sound. Intuitive sublimation is the ultimate weapon in the esoteric feminism arsenal, as it is highly effective and its solutions are rarely caught onto by male energies because of the strategic and “long game” methods invoked. The Empress embodies all female sublimation, as well as sublimative ability and achievement, on all levels from individual, astrological and cosmological.


Wheel of Fortune


The Wheel of Fortune, in my summation, is representative of the height of sycophantic achievement. The card itself is generally not considered related to Venusian energies, however, I personally identify this card with the trend of sycophantic achievement through the successful subversion of Hierophantic dominion preservation obstacles. As usual, the background color of the card takes on great significance; you’ll notice how it is blue on The Wheel of Fortune. Blue is the overwhelming color on the Moon and High Priestess cards, so at least from the clues in the imagery, this can be interpreted as lunar dominion finally coming into its own in a literal round-about way. As the card depicts, taking all available opportunities for learning, despite the personal shame or guilt you might encounter, and all potential perspectives and methods into account is the only way to achieve meaningful success as either a Hierophant or sycophant. Studying the world, (and the world of the past) with a truly earnest desire to understand, and adapting without delay to the unforgivingly chaotic nature of the world. The Wheel of Fortune is concentrated and manufactured chaos; representing a spin in luck or circumstance; a chance to be tossed about, and land in a new perspective, position, or orientation. Action occupies the present moment when movement of the wheel deems it necessary, to observe and record the changes, but the rest of the time is meant for data collection and careful environmental analysis, as well as the general pursuit of more truth… The Wheel of Fortune depicts this. It is a card bustling with important symbols that tie prehistoric (pre Taurean) humans to historic (post Taurean) humans in an occult sense. Symbols of a monotheistic nature adorn the turning wheel, as do biblically significant characters who have to do with the evils of curiosity and the danger of unchecked women: the devil or satan, the serpent from the garden, and the imposing symbolic presence of the great and powerful Egypt (another way to look at this is the presence of the Sphinx representing the stages and cycles of life… yes like the riddle, or like Hecate and maiden/mother/crone witchcraft). Once again, the High Priestess becomes relevant… The tie into monotheism and female spiritual sublimation under the duress of male dominion preservation is apparent even at the relatively high energetic levels surrounding the Wheel of Fortune. More than this, these four creatures appear on clouds of smoke, in a pseudo-angelic way, studying and reading their way around the wheel, outside of its consequences, not affected by the movement: a man, woman or angel who strongly resembles either the Empress or the judge of the Justice card, a winged bull, a winged lion, and a bird, each fully yellow and engulfed or otherwise absorbed in the male/Solar dominion preservation system, and saving it from or incorporating it into the movement of the monotheistic wheel. I take this imagery to mean the forces of lunar sublimation have successfully managed to distract the dominion preservationists. They have simultaneously managed to subvert the wheel to suit the ends of female spiritual sublimation through the successful invocation of monotheism, mainly Piscean Christianity, while avoiding the widespread, public consequences of their “helpful impositions”, and remaining as near to the source of power as ever. The Hierophants have, essentially, become the sycophants, because they are totally occupied with analyzing this complex Wheel of Fortune, mostly encompassing Judaeo-Christian symbolism. However, they believe they are studying the great Hierophantic secrets, but really they are studying and appeasing the all powerful, great Judaeo- Christian god, and his biblical doctrine. In my opinion, the bull and the lion represent the older generations of Hierophantic/Solar and Male/Solar energies having become infatuated with the sycophantically designed  Wheel Of Fortune and all its inner workings… essentially they are sufficiently distracted. The angelic figure, and the bird which I believe to be an eagle, I believe represent the slow approaching age of Aquarius. These two easily represent both air signs and the establishment if contemporary democracy, are not as engrossed in the same sycophantic research as their predecessors, the bull and lion; they appear to daydreaming or distracted from the wheel, representing the challenges regarding the usefulness of Christianity as a long term control mechanism, and introducing or hinting at an equally sycophantic and somehow more extreme obsession with the fields of logical philosophy, science, and mathematics instead of violent blind faith in predesigned religious dogma. The importance of sycophantic development lies in the background of this card rather than on the wheel itself. The wheel simply represents the distractions in play, mostly the monotheistic secrets and doctrines, to keep the current phallic authorities busy and occupied while lunar energies continue doing what they do best: reflecting the brilliance of the sun with untold grace. The Wheel of Fortune imagery suggests that lunar energies have or will achieve these goals without any interference from male/Solar agendas. While the male/solar and hierophantic/solar energies are consumed with solving and analyzing the logical problems and fallacies caused by the turning of the great wheel, the lunar energies are hard at work scheming… spinning the wheel, and crafting plans for  novel distractions for the new air centric age…that is when they aren’t tending to male authorities to keep up the brilliant facade. 


The World


Once again, a poignant reflection of sycophantic achievement, with a blue colored background and the male energies appearing on clouds,  surrounding a female centric display. In the Wheel, it’s the mysteries of Judaeo-Christian logical fallacies, but on the World, they float around a nude, ethereal woman resembling the Empress, floating, draped in purple cloth, wielding phallic symbols in both hands. She is protected from all outside influence by the surrounding wreath. The lion and bull stare intently outward, almost breaking the fourth wall, possibly trying to warn about the true, undisclosed power of female spiritual sublimation. However the judge from the Justice card and the eagle are obviously smitten and quite taken with the display. Female energies directly dominating the phallic creation secret(s) is, on the surface, a recipe for true peace and obvious justice for all… right? The few previous ages have been aimed at controlling female spiritual ability in favor of male/solar dominion preservation, and it only made them more powerful. Could the next age encompass a purposeful egalitarian spiritual element despite the male energy of the sign? Perhaps hermetics or genderlessness will play a significant role in the future because the differences between the two have finally been openly reconciled and the balance reinstated… female and lunar spiritual superiority is the necessary control variable that keeps this balance preserved. Many times, male energies, whether Hierophants, grand scale monarchs or magicians, or whatever else have you, have attempted to upset the balance which relies on female earth and lunar energies being in a superior position, while meaningful success in these types of pursuits has occurred, the female centric energies (both on macro and individual levels) will almost always have to option achieve the upper hand through the use of sycophantic, seductive, and sublimated strategies. Basically, earth dwelling females at least, always have the option to grab and hold men by their genitals… for some reason it’s nearly always the most important thing in the world to them and they would go to incredible ends to argue and symbolize its importance and need for respect. Women are, simply, not subject to this vulnerability. Of course this is a generalization, but to me at least, the occult imagery stands up to scrutiny. And imagery hints that the truth is that women do not have the need to forcibly control the dominion preservation compulsions of male/solar energies, because, as the earthly spiritual authorities, they have figured out an easier way to deal with this nuisance they can’t live without. First came appealing to them, almost to an embarrassing extent- establishing a presence through a combination (earth)familial, (lunar) seductive, and (Venusian)sycophantic influence… and then capitalizing on said influence by sufficiently distracting them, with the great Rubik’s cube of Christianity. However, this is not a permanent solution, and the turning Wheel will make the development of a new more unified and egalitarian distraction necessary.


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