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I have been completely absorbed in my latest research, and I have been trying to finish all of the extensive sources before putting anything down. While I work on completing this research, I thought I’d provide the prologue of my next post as a separate post. It contains some themes, ideas, and questions to begin considering before we take the deep dive, beginning with the age of Aries. In order to continue the “Entity X” series in the direction it needs to go in, I have to provide a comprehensive backdrop for the history of human spiritual evolution. In order to do this properly, I will be providing a series of historically sound explanations for the various astrological ages which encompass the evolution of human religion and politics. We will be examining the idea of “God” throughout the entirety of human civilization, not just the most well established biblical, Piscean, monotheistic interpretation. Here is the introduction for your consideration: 


On God


It’s a big bite, and I won’t pretend to have any actual facts on the matter. Right off the bat, I’d be super arrogant to pretend I have bona fide  facts regarding such an expansive topic…years of listening to southern baptist pastors ramble on and on has taught me one thing: blindly putting all of your faith into a pre-existing dogma, especially when you don’t fully understand it and only believe out of fear or obligation, is the most arrogant thing one can do. Seriously. Today my phone died while I was in my car, and since I didn’t have my Spotify to keep me company, I turned to the apocalyptically humorous world of FM. I scrolled across the Christian lecture channel, and settled, thinking it’d be good for a laugh; it usually is. I was not disappointed, as an obviously out-of-touch minister delivered an impassioned soap box on the dangers of MUSIC. Music, this guy is saying, is the devil incarnate, Satan’s favorite vehicle for delivering evil to the souls of mankind. He said “there are CDs your children can buy from Walmart that will summon demons to YOUR home. Men, husbands, as the priests of your household, it is your responsibility to be aware of this. Me for example, I will NOT allow headphones into my house. PERIOD. Won’t have ‘em. I will not let my family be instruments to the devil, I will not allow them to put themselves into those types of situations! That’s my responsibility because I am the father, and I alone represent God in my household.” It was about ten minutes of that absurd rhetoric (seriously, that’s real, that’s not an excerpt from an Albee script), and then the sermon concluded with a sales pitch for a movie called “The Dangers of Pop Paganism, like Wicca and Astrology”, which details 30 years of research on the “very real, physical dangers” of 21st century paganism, and how to avoid them, available on the radio stations website for a “donation” of $19.95. This anecdote is not necessarily relevant to the rest of the post, but I think it showcases religious arrogance if I’ve ever heard it. 


But it’s fine. I’m just making an observation. Am I a bit biased on this subject? Yes, of course, but I am holistic enough to freely admit it? Also yes. Far be it from me to judge anyone for anything, and there are perfectly good reasons behind the devastating trend of following pre-designed dogma. In some respects, there is something to be said for dogma. Science for example, is an excellent set of dogma (despite the disconnect between empirical ability and  burden of proof in the theoretical factions), because of the collective aspect and necessary participatory nature of the practice. There is a pre-existing, generally agreed upon body of scientific knowledge which dates back centuries, and although a good amount of it is mathematically sound and considered canon, new discoveries could be made at any point, and anyone could make them. Science is similar to religion, but it openly develops and changes  the more humans continue to indulge in their curiosity; in a way, science is the antithesis of religion, despite both of them being dogma based. Religion, specifically Piscean religion, is inherently different because it generally discourages curiosity, and encourages unquestioning faith in pre-existing dogma.There is no room for meaningful interpretation.  It actually goes further than simply discouraging or encouraging certain behaviors; compliance guarantees “life after death” with God and some more choice characters, and the vague benefits that accompany voluntary intellectual and spiritual martyrdom. If you are familiar with the biblical story of Lucifer, then you are familiar with the consequences of questioning dogma, or questioning God. It is pretty much the worst possible sin within Piscean doctrine; nothing is more egregious than rejecting the status quo in search of further understanding. When science was in its infancy, many gifted and influential minds were executed for the crime of  “heresy”, notably Bruno, Roger Bacon, and Cecco d’Ascoli. This further supports my antithesis theory, as the religion of science even has its own martyrs to parallel the christian ones. “Heresy”, even when purely logical and academic, was a capital offense, and it literally only consisted of denying the judo-christian God in favor of something else. Although they are both dogma based, science is a flexible doctrine that encourages intellectual curiosity and new revelations, while religion is impersonal and coercive, and it fully relies on its practitioners not questioning it. I think that bit appropriately sums up the difference between science and religion despite their structural similarities.


Ever wonder what was God before God? Who was God before the bible? What is the relationship between the God concept and culture or geography? Speaking strictly of the monotheistic Judaeo-christian God, why would this figure first demand we follow arbitrary behavioral guidelines, deny us the indulgence of any earthly or carnal pleasures, demand we supplement that with blood sacrifices with no explanation other than “or else”? (Ostensibly, the reason is to enforce uniform morality through empathetic torture to avoid repeating the horrors of the Late Bronze Age, or possibly to ensure they repeat, but we’ll discuss it later). I mean remember that nasty prank he played on Abraham when he was like “kill your son for me!” and then was like “haha just kidding?”.  All “metaphor” aside, that’s super fucked up. Further, why would God go ahead and violently kill his son, when no one asked him to, say he did it for the people, so we could stop with all the bull and goat murder, but then simultaneously blame it on us and demand absolute adoration and dominion over our souls, in exchange for what? “Graciousness”, “forgiveness”? Like bro… you’re the one who committed legit filicide, what are you forgiving me for? And we’re not going to get any of these rewards until after we die? That’s convenient, and familiar; I think Marshall Applewhite said something similar. Don’t even get me started on how creepy communion is; if forced symbolic cannibalism isn’t overt chaos magick and empathetic torture, I don’t know what is. Honestly, if you take this narrative out of context, it seems like an incredibly shady, unfair, and toxic deal; it’s R. Kelly level mental abuse, if not worse. Refusing to take the deal, while it’s no longer a hanging offense in most countries, will end you up in a torturous, fiery afterlife, and permanent separation from the son killing narcissist character otherwise known as God. At the start of the age of Pisces, western population centers were effectively tortured into complying with Christian dogma, until the effective Stockholm Syndrome eventually became collective and widespread. As the age of Pisces has progressed, and the closer we get to the age of Aquarius, the more the lines between science and religion become increasingly intertwined and blurred. But I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s get some background. 


Every astrological age is approximately 2,500 years long, and the age describes the astrological constellation that earth occupies, and this positioning inherently affects human civilization and the advances they make during a given age. Homo Sapiens has been on the earth for roughly 300,000 years, and that’s a lot of ages, a lot of full cycles around the zodiac. It’s a tedious bore to timeline through such a vast time frame, but it is actually a goal of mine that I have been working on for many months. In my current working model, the shift between Aries and Pisces is approximately dated with the birth of Christ or the rough change from 0 B.C.E. to 1 A.D. For our purposes today, examining just what the fuck a “God” even is or could be, we are just going to look at three ages: the current age, the age of Pisces, the previous age, the age of Aries, and the upcoming age, the age of Aquarius, and today we will focusing on the age of Aries. If you are familiar with astrology, then you’ll notice something off about the order of the ages. No, it is not a mistake, the ages are traveling backwards. The correct order is Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, but they are reversed for some reason or other. The retrograde is not something I just made up, it is the true nature of earth’s astrological course. I am going to provide a basic run-down of the specific energetic descriptions and cultural equivalents to each age as it relates to the given sign or constellation, followed by a detailed depiction of the western spiritual and religious norms and trends for each, supported by historical examples. Obviously, Aries and Pisces can be studied with the benefit of history, but Aqaurius will consist of my prediction of the age based on current data, and so far as religious trends go. Soon, I will be posting the comprehensive guide to the age of Aries, so be on the look out. If the research still taking too long however, I will also do a post on the Age of Taurus and the Neolithic Period, and the effects of food surplus on human life.

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