Correction, Apology, and Rebranding

For the entire duration of my studies in the occult and its effects on humanity at large, I have made a grave social error that I must correct. Please understand something about me: I am neuro atypical and highly introverted. My life consists of working, researching, and breaks in between when I am overwhelmed by my studies and need to rot my brain with sex, inane television and Youtube videos. So it’s safe to say that my social skills and social life leave much to be desired, and I do not engage with social media on the same level as most of my peers. It is for this reason that I have been unaware of the highly offensive and slur-like meaning behind the word “cabal”. Up until now, I have been using “cabal” as a catch all term to describe the ever present underground, “puppet master” phenomena in regards to its role in the long term degradation of human spirituality. I heard it somewhere once before in media that I did not necessarily take seriously, however the term stuck with me. I arrogantly believed that everyone has the same academic and altruistic mission as me, and I foolishly did not look further into this term and allowed it to be a part of my vernacular for many months before I was eventually corrected. If anyone out there is like me- simply researching macro historical phenomena for purely academic purposes, and wishes to be as inoffensive and apolitical as possible has made this error, allow me explain the egregious issues with the term “cabal”. 

A major hindrance to performing research about this particular subject is the existence of a worldwide group of highly offensive and egotistical conspiracy theorists. (I will explain the difference between what I do and popular “conspiracy theory” later in this post). These people, ranging from malicious to well intentioned, and uninformed, hold a belief similar to mine; that there is an underground group of elite individuals who control global events and populations for unseen, yet inexplicably evil ends. However, they have strayed far from the pure premise, and have made many unfounded accusations towards the group they believe to be responsible- the Jewish people (trite, isn’t it?). The theorists who use the word “cabal” are responsible for many horrible notorious notions in pop culture, such as Holocaust denial. This particular conspiracy theory is largely Piscean and contemporary when considered on a macro-historical scale, but the widespread abuse and scapegoating of Jewish people is nothing new. Personally, I believe that the “puppet master” phenomena in regards to human religion extends far beyond Judaism; that it has been around far longer than any form of monotheism, and will be around long after technology makes religion obsolete. For the age of Pisces however, blaming the Jewish people for the degradation of human spirituality seems to fit an already popular and surprisingly socially acceptable trend. Introduction of the term “Cabal” was simply a quick and lazy scapegoating mechanism that seems to still further turn people against the Jews to this day. They, the “puppet masters” used a perversion of the official name for Jewish mysticism, “Kabbalah”,  to fabricate a vague, long standing connection between the actual evil forces at play within humanity and the Jews that has unfortunately only grown over time. There is no real proof, beyond coincidence, to suggest that the Jews have played any significant role in the degradation of human religion, in fact, the opposite is true; they have played a significant role in the evolution of human religion by promoting the curious spin of questioning the status quo in search of truth within the scope of monotheism while continuously being victimized and mistreated. The contemporary connection between Judaism and a far more ancient system which essentially represents unseen evil and spiritual retrograde through use of the term “cabal” and its varying connotations are unwarranted, untrue, and highly offensive. I sincerely apologize for freely using this term in the past, and now that my understanding has grown, I will no longer use this term in any of my research work or personal vernacular. 

I would like to quickly set the record straight. 

The difference between the holistic research I conduct and the missions of overzealous conspiracy theorists is simple. “Cabal” conspiracy theorists are a dangerous hive mind of disenfranchised and disgruntled amateurs who rely on hateful messages, shock value, and misinformation to spread lies about certain cultural groups, most notably the Jewish people. Those types of theorists are looking for a scapegoat, and continue the abhorrent trend of blaming the Jews for everything and anything, even going as far as to deny their centuries long struggle against the rest of the western world. They reliably appeal to extreme political biases, and the ultimate goal of these groups is to find a convenient scapegoat that confirms their discriminatory biases. This is akin to sending the wrong person to jail for murder while the actual killer roams free, posing a danger to society at large. I maintain that my research is fundamentally different. I use academic sources to analyze macro historical events, characters, and timelines regarding human religious beliefs of all kinds in order to piece together a rough timeline for human spiritual evolution/degradation. No group goes unanalyzed, however that is purely for holistic reasons, and I am in no way seeking someone or something to blame for the degradation. Unlike conspiracy theorists, I understand my limitations as a scholar, and that my studies, even if bordering on accurate, will not significantly influence or change the dangerous system and current popular opinions that are already in play. The whole thing is way bigger than any single  individuals influence. That being said, every culture and belief system, without exception, plays a significant role in tracking down and pinpointing the source of the obviously present spiritual dissonance. I try to keep polarizing perspectives such as politics and economics far from my research, (though sometimes I do slip up, and must eat my humble pie). Lastly, I conduct this research for myself, to find the truth about religion, and to provide public sources and hypotheses for anyone else looking to achieve something similar.

To confirm: 

  1. Don’t use the term “cabal”, it’s essentially a racial slur.
  2. The Holocaust definitely happened, and the Jewish people are victims, not perpetrators, of spiritual oppression.
  3. The line between holistic research and conspiracy theory must constantly remain crystal clear in order to achieve academic legitimacy of any kind. Holism and sources must be consistent and beyond reproach.
  4. I apologize for my social ignorance. The last thing I want to do is ruffle feathers where none need to be ruffled, or to further spread offensive vernacular.

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