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There exist ancient and still prevailing traditions practiced by elite, occult circles associated with Luciferian schools and doctrines. The existence of these doctrines (and its followers) chronologically coincides with the advent of the fore-bearers of contemporary monotheism- namely esoteric/Hellenistic Judaism and later Christianity. Luciferianism as a school/practice begins with the historical (but more likely, prehistorical) conception of the ‘Lucifer’ archetype, character,  or energy. 

Luciferianism: Lucifer comes from the Latin “light”. Lucifer, biblically, is a fallen angel who has been ousted from his post by equating himself to the monotheistic God. Lucifer also takes the form of a serpent who disrupts the “perfect” garden by providing humanity with wisdom originally forbidden by God. Luciferianism is a very elite esoteric/occult practice associated with the worship of the Lucifer archetype/character. The goal of this practice changes as the earth works backward along the astrological wheel (i.e. moving from age to age), but it historically focuses on destroying and blurring the relationship between the masses (aka people who do not officially practice Luciferianism), and the secret spiritual knowledge that all humans were once entitled to. Accomplishing this on a large enough scale allows the practitioners of Luciferianism to, ostensibly, achieve powers beyond what is generally achievable. However since the earth is actually moving retroactively along the zodiac, the collective spiritual ability of humanity at large decreases, and the “powers” offered to the practitioners are not “powers” as much as they are advantages over the general public. While they believe they are pulling the wool over our eyes, the wool is likely being pulled over their eyes by a Luciferian power. 
Schools of Hellenism: Ranging from Stoic esoteric circles to neo-Platonic schools, Hellenistic schools aim to introduce and integrate aspects such as logic and science into spiritual phenomena, and further use empirical evidence to support ethical lifestyle. The Hellenistic schools promote the mixing of reality with spiritual absoluteness. Through the lens of a given Hellenistic school, religion takes the form of a strict and detailed moral framework based formulations configured from various occult and numerological sciences (the specifics of these are generally unknown to the public). Compared to before the advent of these thought schools when religion consisted directly of an individual’s unique relationship with their chosen energies, deities, and places, Hellenistic schools served  as an effective precursor to the introduction of monotheism and Christianity by getting populations accustomed into accepting pre-ordained spiritual dogma, and discouraging doctoring of said dogma outside of strict pedagogy. Hellenism popularized accepting another person or group of peoples wisdom over personalized, intuitive wisdom based on individual experiences.
Ocean of Deceit: A good illusion requires teamwork. Quality diversions, an audience willing to believe what they see and hear, a mastermind willing to set up all the dominoes, and someone gunning to destroy the masterminds hard work. Esoterica is purposefully confusing and very intentionally lacking tangible proof for claims made. In the Holocene, yesterday and today, diversions vary- Hellenistic schools fall under this category. They successfully managed to wean major metropolitan populations off of personally tailored spirituality and had in fact popularized dogma among both the poor and wealthy. Nowadays the Luciferian elite have experimented on and nearly perfected population control without the use of the religion symbol,  and as this trend continues to develop, new methods will undoubtedly emerge. Hellenism was one of many diversions employed by Luciferian powers, and it will certainly not be the last. As the times change, they will be irrefutably preceded by tumult  in Luciferian circles (the true specifics of which will never be overt public knowledge). I will concede that politics is a very clever model for camouflaging absolute spiritual takeover. Regardless of that, I wouldn’t call a retroactive religious set up like the existing one an “Ocean”… it far more resembles the mysterious and winding, serpent like Lake of The Ozarks. 

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